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About Resmonics

Our mission:
"Protecting patients, nurses and doctors.
Made possible by acoustic artificial intelligence."

We have been building our proprietary technology since 2016.

In October 2020, Resmonics was incorporated as a private company and with the vision to reimagine the way lung diseases are monitored, assessed and treated by providing objective, clinically meaningful, and real-time information to patients and medical professionals. 

Resmonics leverages years of research in clinical and real-world environments including hospitals, homes and offices to address unmet issues in occupational health, patient health and productivity. 

Shared Office

Our fundamentals


Science is in the DNA of Resmonics and our technology is built on deep-tech research since 2016.
The three co-founders have worked in and contributed to scientific research. 

Beyond that, Resmonics is committed to contribute to scientific progress through its own research and collaborations, as well as enabling R&D through its technology.


Resmonics has developed proprietary technology over the past years that leverages artificial intelligence to detect and analyse environmental inputs and transform them into useful and actionable insights.

We are convinced that technology can truly change the way we live and work.

Human focus

Resmonics is addressing problems in health and productivity that today have no or very limited solutions due to lack of data. For this, we leverage our Science and Technology capabilities.

We do this with an absolute focus to make our data and insights human-centric and 100% actionable.


Swiss Startups Top 100 2022

Resmonics was reconigzed as Top100 Swiss Startup in the Medtech category in 2022.


Resmonics was selected as Digital Health Nation Innovation Booster in 2022

Venture Kick

Resmonics won CHF 150,000 of funding at Venture Kick final Stage III competition in 2021.

HSG Entrepreneurial Champion

Resmonics was selected into the University of St. Gallen entrepreneurial champions programme

Venture Leaders

Resmonics was one of ten mobile tech startups selected to represent the Swiss National startup Team 2021


Resmonics was awarded finalist at the 2023 sante neXt

The founding team

We are deeply motivated by our desire to improve health on a large scale and help businesses to provide healthy and safe work environments.

Deeply rooted in science and technology, we want to develop solutions that bring the people back to the center of all we do - especially in a time of rapid technological advances.

Dr. Peter Tinschert

8 years experience in Healthcare and Data Science. More than 10 peer-reviewed papers published in Digital Respiratory Medicine.

Ph.D. in Management from University of St. Gallen; M.Sc. in Business Psychology from University of Mannheim

Dr. Matthias Groh

Commercial leader with 10 years’ experience in Life Sciences. Senior roles in management consulting and business development.

Ph.D. in Pathology from University of Oxford; M.Sc. in Human Biology from University of Marburg

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