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ResGuard Med: Clinical-grade lung symptom tracking

Our product ResGuard Med is a CE-certified medical software that uses acoustic artificial intelligence to detect lung symptoms and assess their severity.

ResGuard Med runs on smart devices, can be integrated into smartphone and tablet apps, and does not require any additional sensors.


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ResGuard Med features


Lung symptom frequency

ResGuard Med detects and quantifies the frequency of respiratory symptoms such as cough. An objective symptom count is the starting point for any more advanced symptom assessment.


Lung symptom assignment

Cough at night is of particular clinical relevance. Most people don't sleep alone though, which is why ResGuard Med uses proprietary algorithms to decide who has coughed.


PDF exports for medical experts

ResGuard Med helps medical experts to understand the disease progression of patients. All ResGuard Med assessments can be exported as a PDF to allow easy sharing.


Solution for clinical trials

In addition to the Dashbaord for Clinical Research, Resmonics also provides end-to-end solutions for decentralized clinical trials taking care of all technological aspects to support researchers who want to focus on doing research.


Lung symptom severity

Symptoms have different qualities. A dry cough has a different clinical meaning than a wet cough. This is why ResGuard Med also measures symptom quality.


Lung symptom interpretation

ResGuard offers an easy interpretation system to interpret lung symptoms: A traffic light derived from clinical studies that compares symptoms of a user to meaningful reference populations.


Dashboard for clinical research

The measurements and data collected with ResGuard Med in the context of clinical trials and research can be shared with the study team via our dashboard for clinical research. This dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of the study and the results of the measurements in real time.


Software solutions and Services

All of our services are designed with privacy in mind.

This means that any acoustic signals that are analyzed by our systems are processed on the go, offline on any smart devices.


This means that unless you specifically want it to happen, no acoustic data will be transmitted or sent outside of the device.

This ensures that your data remains private and secure at all times.


Additionally, our systems are designed to be completely transparent, so you always know how your data is being used and can make informed decisions about how you want to use our services..

ResGuard Med privacy


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