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We are revolutionizing ambient AI applications for employee health



Resmonics' ambient AI combines powerful sensors and proprietary AI algorithms to detect and classify symptoms of respiratory tract and lung diseases in monitored areas.

The power of Resmonics AI lies in 7+ years of medical research, proprietary data and a unique approach to its AI models.


Resmonics AI provides immediate recommendations in the risk area itself or to the patient. The solution is fully automated and does not require extensive training or additional work.

In addition, aggregated smart insights are available in dashboards to physicians, infectiologists or hygiene managers.



Based on analysis of trends and patterns, Resmonics AI provides insights that can help prevent problems before they become a bigger problem, enabling a much more pro-active approach to health.

Benchmarks provided by Resmonics AI allow comparisons with similar situations and cases to identify immediate improvement potentials

Empower your emloyee health and productivity with Quorum

Our technology is built on big data, years of medical research and proprietary AI algorithms

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