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Resmonics AI for Hospitals

Detect and prevent respiratory infections in real-time

Protect your patients, nurses and doctors.

Protect the most vulnerable patients

1 in every 25 patients with a healthcare-acquired respiratory infection dies. The elderly and patients with diseases such as cancer or diabetes are even more at risk.

The real-time risk analysis allows live-saving fast responses

Reduce risks of healthcare-acquired infections

20-30% of all hospital-acquired infections affect the respiratory system. Despite this, hospital-wide prevention methods are often suboptimal.

Resmonics AI works anywhere - in patient rooms or public areas.

Protect nurses and doctors

Healthcare workers are exposed to health risks every day. Yet many key hygiene procedures and products have not changed for the past 50 years.

Situation-specific alerts empower and protect healthcare workers.

Improve hygiene compliance

Compliance with hygiene measures is often <40%. Measures are easy to forget in the busy hospital routine, and sometimes rules are not clear.

Live prompts remind employees and patients when it matters the most.

Decrease hospital staff sick leave

28% of healthcare workers take sick days due to respiratory infections every year. Absenteeism rates are 30% higher than other industries.

Better respiratory hygiene can reduce worker absenteeism.


What the leaders of hygiene and infection prevention in hospitals think about Resmonics AI

"The problems Resmonics AI is addressing in hospitals are real. We fight with high illness rates and nosocomial infections are a high burden."

Chief Medical Officer of a French National Hospital Innovation Program

"We would be happy if we would see real hygiene compliance above 30% measured objectively. The reality is often catastrophic."

MD Infectiology and Internal Medicine

"The approach is really interesting. The idea behind it is convincingly simple - it is based on the biologics of infectious diseases and our natural reactions to them."

Institute Director of a German University Hospital Institute for Infectiology and Hospital Hygiene

Apply Resmonics AI in your hospital

Discover other Resmonics AI solutions

Nursing homes and Elderly care

Elderly people have a very high risk of serious complications and even death from respiratory infections due weaker immune systems.

Offices and education

Companies and schools struggle with high illness rates amongst their employees, causing lost business, higher costs and unhappy teams.

Lung symptom monitoring at home

Patients with lung diseases such as Asthma and COPD lacked adequate automated monitoring solutions for their health status - up to now.


Resmonics AI for Elderly Care

Protect the most vulnerable against devastating disease

Resmonics AI enables caretakers to take effective and timely countermeasures to protect the inhabitants against the threat of life-threatening diseases.

Take care of the caretakers

Protect your nurses against spreading respiratory infections.
Reduce their stress and workload by reducing sick days in an already strained sector.

Always-on automatic health risk monitoring

Relieve work from nurses by providing automated health insights with Resmonics AI, allowing nurses to focus on other important tasks.

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Resmonics AI
for offices

Healthy work and prevention of work-associated illness is more important than ever.
Resmonics AI can help you provide a safe, healthy work environment in your offices.
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Resmonics AI
for educational institutions

Schools, colleges and universities should enable clear thinking and high productivity - while doing the best to keep pupils and teachers healthy.
Discover if Resmonics AI can help you improve the conditions for a healthier learning environment. 


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