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Resmonics finalist for santeneXt prix d’excellence for healthcare innovation

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

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santeneXt is one of the most prestigious Swiss healthcare innovation awards

Resmonics received the finalist prize together with its partner CSS, a leading Swiss healthcare insurance, as part of the HealthCom conference on June 28th.

The santeneXt prix d’excellence for healthcare innovation recognises Resmonics' work in developing novel solutions using Artificial Intelligence to a broad user and patient base using through two products:

Quorum: A respiratory symptom measurement device that monitors office and treatment rooms by analyzing various data sources in a completely passive and privacy-friendly way to determine the risk of respiratory infections.

ResGuard Med App: The ResGuard Med app is the thermometer for lung health. It analyzes the user's nighttime cough, providing patients and physicians with an easily available, objective and medically validated parameter of lung health. A traffic light system alerts the user to potential deteriorations in health.

About santeneXt and the Prix d’excellence. SanteneXt promotes innovation in the healthcare system: santeneXt supports networking with committed players and enables collaboration in concrete projects. So that patients get what is most important to them. santeneXt focuses on the topics of digital health and value of health.

With the Prix d'excellence, santeneXt honors innovations: Projects with a groundbreaking character that arise from the collaboration of several players in the healthcare sector and generate a major benefit. The Prix d'excellence santeneXt is awarded with the support of AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis and Roche Pharma (Switzerland).


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