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Infection prevention policies
and hygiene guidelines save lives...

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... if they are being followed.


Resmonics AI

The first automated and real-time solution that empowers infection prevention to reduce the burden of respiratory infections.


Resmonics AI can help you

Protect nurses and doctors

Improve hygiene compliance

Reduce healthcare-acquired infections

Protect the most vulnerable patients

Reduce illness absenteeism

Reimagine infection prevention and hygiene compliance

Our partners and awards

Hospital of the Kanton St. Gallen
Venture Leaders
HSG Health Span Lab
CSS Insurance
University of Auckland
Swiss Prop Tech
SaaS Seed Spotlight Program
HSG Entrepreneurial Champion
Spinoff ETH
Swiss Startups Top 100 2022
Spinoff University St. Gallen
Venture Kick
ETH AI Center

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Protecting patients, nurses and doctors.
Made possible by AI.

We empower chief medical officers, physicians, infectiologists, hygiene managers and other infection prevention professionals and hygiene professionals in healthcare facilities.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence helps to detect the risk of respiratory infections in real-time, providing high-value automated insights and triggers for appropriate hygiene measures.

Ensuring data privacy and IT security are at the core of our technology and our top priority.

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