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Healthy employees, fulfilling workplaces.
Made possible by artificial intelligence.

AI enabled analytics

Real-time alerts

Actionable insights and recommendations

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Our solution

How we improve workplace productivity and health

Our mission is to enable companies to reach their full potential by improving employee and client health and wellbeing at work – be it offices, hospitals, or nursing homes. This is why we have developed Quorum, an IoT platform device that combines patented acoustic AI with an array of ambient air quality sensors.

Employee health and wellbeing using Artificial Intelligence by Resmonics

Protect the Health for your Teams

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to proactively combat illness and safeguard the well-being of your teams.

Use our cutting-edge AI technology to improve your employees' health:

  • Detects potential health risks incl. acute respiratory infections - autonomously and in real-time 

  • Provides actionable insights and recommendations: stop virus transmission and other health challenges

  • Allows you to protect your employees and reduce illness-related absenteeism

By prioritizing employee health, you create a foundation for a resilient and thriving workforce, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

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Provide Optimized Workplaces

Elevate your workplace by ensuring optimal work conditions and indoor air quality (IAQ).

Our technology allows to detect and act on elements known to reduce productivity:

  • Identifies elements reducing your teams' productivity

  • Allows targeted changes for optimal work environment

  • Provides objective data to enable behavioral change

By maintaining a comfortable and health- supportive atmosphere, you contribute to the well-being and boost the productivity of your teams.

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Elevate Facility Efficiency

Unlock the full potential of your workspace with precise facility metrics.

Resmonics' AI technology connects everyday facility usage with your strategic planning:

  • Measures real-time space utilization

  • Prevents wasted resources

  • Helps creating an environment conducive to productivity 

  • Enables smart and data-driven strategic investment decisions

Efficient space management leads to improved workflow, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.

Our Approach

Bringing Science & Technology to Employee Health and Productivity

Resmonics science technology for indoor air quality
  • Science and Tech Fusion: Merging 7+ years of medical research with advanced technology, we offer a unique solution for employee health.

  • Scientific Excellence: Our work is validated by 15+ articles in top medical journals, reviewed by leading global scientists.

  • Expert Collaborations: Collaborating with prestigious institutions, we stay ahead through continuous research and development.

  • Guided by Experts: A robust medical advisory team ensures precision and effectiveness in our solutions

Get in touch with us to embark on this transformative journey!

Our partners and awards

Hospital of the Kanton St. Gallen
Venture Leaders
HSG Health Span Lab
CSS Insurance
University of Auckland
Swiss Prop Tech
SaaS Seed Spotlight Program
HSG Entrepreneurial Champion
Spinoff ETH
Swiss Startups Top 100 2022
Spinoff University St. Gallen
Venture Kick
ETH AI Center

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Healthy employees,
fulfilling workplaces.
Made possible by AI.

We empower Human Resources (HR), Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and other teams to identify and prevent the causes of illness absenteeism using our artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled smart sensor platform Quorum.

Quorum measures a comprehensive list of additional environmental parameters that help increase workplace attractiveness and productivity.

Ensuring data privacy and IT security are at the core of our technology and our top priority.

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